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My passion for food is an honest, self-developed story. I've always been fascinated by different ingredients, flavours and cuisines. Growing up, my family didn't eat in restaurants often. But when we did, I loved choosing things I’d never tasted before, or things I couldn’t eat at home.

I'm fortunate enough to have travelled quite a lot, particularly in South East Asia, where I lived for three years. This experience opened my eyes to a whole new range of dishes and delicacies. I ate all kinds of fragrant Asian street food, bursting with flavour, and learnt to cook authentic Chinese dishes. But there’s something to love about every cuisine around the world. They all bring something different to the table.

These days, I love to create food that combines bold flavour, vibrant colour and attractive presentation. A celebration on the plate! Whilst developing dishes, some friends pointed out a geometry, asymmetry and overall orbital vibe with regard to my style. This, together with my enthusiasm for all things astronomic, led me to the name G|astronomy. When I look up at a starry night sky, I'm mesmerised by the sheer beauty and the sense of vastness. Like there are no limits.

I’d love to share my food with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Jon Cholakian